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Jaco Vienings – Passionate Environmentalist and Filmmaker

Jaco has partnered with the ORI to spread awareness on the great Pacific garbage patch as well as other environmental concerns from around the world.  Travel with Jaco to see our planet up close and personal.  Jaco films the Earth’s biggest environmental issues in his lively web video series on YouTube called Nature’s Voice.

Jaco Vienings is an energetic, fun and lively host, working his way up in the broadcasting world. He lives to teach, entertain and conserve our environment. Jaco’s newest project is a video series called “Nature’s Voice”.

On July 3rd 2013, Jaco published his second episode of Nature’s Voice:

Who Brought the Sunscreen?

How does global warming work?  To answer that Jaco takes us to Alaska to explore energy, electricity, deforestation, polar amplification, permafrost, and blowing up mountains.  Jaco underestimates sleeping in the Arctic with a bag rated to 35 degrees.  He survives to tell how problems start with mining fossil fuels.  One can get woozy standing on a glacier, as Jaco does, that is melting back at an unnaturally high rate of retreat.  Global warming is a very real and the growing presence in our everyday life.  Fortunately, there are things one can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

On May 30, 2013 Jaco launched his first video episode of Nature’s Vision:

Plastic for dinner?

Jaco explores the biggest dump site on our plant the ocean, a trash pile bigger than Texas. We start at Santa Monica beach.  Eighty percent of ocean garbage comes from land-based sources.  Jaco shows us the North Pacific gyre.  In Hawaii, he discovers where the largest garbage patch strikes land, an exotic beach is the gathering point of trash.  Surprisingly, the smallest bits are the biggest problem.  Our destructive way of living is killing wildlife that leaves clear evidence of death by plastic. Every piece of plastic we use will continue to exist for decades and centuries.  Our oceans are turning into a plastic soup.  We can stop the damage by simply reusing and recycling plastics – every bit averted from the ocean counts.

Nature’s Voice starring Jaco Vienings is directed and produced by Serena Vienings, edited and production design by Jaco Vienings, director of photography is Serena Vienings. Serena and Jaco met on location in Fiddletown CA, the rest is the stuff of legends and film.