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National Ocean Policy

23. Oil Moratorium, Clean Energy, National Ocean Policy

The growing oil spill disaster in the Gulf is wreaking immediate and lasting damage on wildlife and the economy, environment and human health. Rob speaks with Mike Dunmeyer of Ocean Champions about turning this disaster into some positive actions. What actions are Obama taking to halt new ocean drilling and get strong climate legislation? What are the various clean energy solutions out there to fight the climate crisis and grow a green economy? First step is to reinstate the national moratorium on all new ocean drilling. Second is to set carbon emission reductions and establish a cap and trade system will help industry and spur new jobs. Hear what Ocean Champions is doing in Washington to turn this drilling travesty into a positive by getting a national ocean policy established. Rob shares the work the Ocean River Institute and its network of ecostewards are doing to call for clean energy, no new drilling, and a National Ocean Policy.