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New England Climate Riders 2010

24. New England Climate Summer Riders

Four New England Climate Summer Riders recently rode into Somerville,Margaret Fetzer-Rogers, Sara Finkle, Yingying Chen, and Bliss Parsons. Together, they have dedicated nine weeks this summer to inspire and inform communities as to how one can reduce carbon footprints and use of fossil fuels. Following a week orientation program in Wilmot NH,Margaret, Sara, Yingying and Bliss were given a lift to 25 miles north of their first community, North Andover MA. Astonishingly, what four bicycles were carrying filled an SUV and a trailer. The riders have ridden from North Andover to Beverly, to Somerville often staying in churches. They set up at farmers markets, attend church dinners and meet with municipal leaders. The culmination will be Aug 8 when all three rider teams converge on Boston. The riders will be fitter and hopefully breathing air less polluted by excess carbon. To follow their adventures visit: www.newenglandclimateriders.org