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32. Somerville, Climate, De-Pave Action

Vanessa Rule and Eric Becker of the Somerville Climate Action explain how one goes from rallies to taking up pick ax to de-paving an urban core. Vanessa was part of the leadership behind thousands of people rallying in David Square for Step It Up, 2007. Vanessa describes how her approach has changed since then with more listening to the people of watersheds. We must do more than shrink carbon-footprints; we must become pro-active to help ecosystems, reverse our damages, and restore the earth. Eric Becker describes adapting the Climate Emergency Initiative from Cambridge to become an organizing principle for Somerville. His goal is to bring all interests and sky-stakeholders of Somerville together with government to a summit meeting where people will develop ideas, plans and recommendations for a multiplicity of actions that will address the unfolding problems of too much carbon in the atmosphere.