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43. How Green is Senator Brown

Citizens of Massachusetts are outraged that U.S. Senator Scott Brown has voted repeatedly to eliminate clean air standards. People are feeling betrayed by a former state senator who voted green more often than not (MLEV’s scorecard). When $1.3 million dirty fossil fuel money went into the Senator’s campaign chest, he did “a Jekyll-Hyde switch between Beacon Hill and Capital Hill.” The League of Women Voters called Brown to task. After thirteen days of withering attacks LWV still stands tall. Now the Mass League of Environmental Voters has taken out radio ads: he “repeatedly voted to eliminate clean air standards that keep dangerous pollutants like arsenic, mercury and lead out of the air.” Joining me to talk how green is Brown are Erik Blasbaugh, Acting Executive Director of the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters, Ben Wright, Advocate for Environment Massachusetts, Vanessa Rule, Director, The Better Future Project and Jason Kolwaski, Policy Director, 350.org