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Humpback Whales

50. The Humpback Whales of Stellwagen Bank

Humpback Whales Bubble-Netting on Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Tune in to hear how humpback whales bring blowing bubbles to new depths and fish dinners to the surface. And talk about gulping one’s food, these guys lung and loll in it.  Listen in and you shall hear whale tales of leviathan proportions when Stellwagen Bank becomes chuck wagon bank.

Les Kaufman, CI and Boston University professor along with John Williamson, president of Stellwagen Alive talk with Rob about their whale watch voyage onto Stellwagen Bank August 5th where forage fish were running strong and humpback whales feeding voraciously. Les Kaufman explains the biology and feeding behaviors of humpback whales. John Williamson tells of decades
working as a New England fisherman often on Jeffrey’s Ledges. Williamson, nominated by two states (NH and ME), served on the New England Fisheries Management Council. He explains the work of managing fish populations where the corner has been turned on over-fishing.  Sustainable seafood is being achieved through the work of the Fisheries Management Council.  There is also a need for more ecosystem-based research and Stellwagen Bank would be a
good place to begin area-based management in addition to the NEFMC’s population-based management.  Stellwagen Alive is actively hauling up lost fishing gear.  For more info on Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary visit http://stellwagen.noaa.gov

Kissed By Whale