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Darren Striped Bass Fisherman

92. Darren Saletta, Striped Bass and Massachusetts Fishermen

Darren Saletta has caught striped bass by hook & line for 20 years. The striped bass fishery is a well managed, clean, environmentally sound operation with plenty of fish. Industrial fishing operations are destroying the striper’s food base. Herring, mackerel, & menhaden are caught in massive nets that can kill tons of by-catch, including striped bass. Water quality is an issue for striped bass in the Chesapeake. Burgeoning gray seal populations are fouling inshore waters with excessive waste and decimating inshore forage, forcing striped bass to feed much further offshore to the dismay of surf fishermen. Seals are also cleaning out fishing weirs, another environmentally favorable method of commercial fishing. Striped bass fishermen are under attack by a special interest group attempting to close the fishery, stripping us of the ability to buy striped bass at fish markets or restaurants. Discover what you can do to protect striped bass and this culturally significant fishery when Rob Moir talks with Darren Saletta.

Chatham resident, Darren Saletta co-founded with fellow fishermen the Massachusetts Commercial Striped Bass Association and works part time for the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen Association.For 20 years, Darren has commercially fished for groundfish, shellfish, lobster, and migratory species: tuna, dogfish, striped bass and bluefish. He owns Monomoy Sportfishing, offering custom fishing charters and eco-tours. A 1999 graduate of Cornell University, Darren holds a B.S. in Marine Sciences. He has studied in Woods Hole and sailed with Sea Education Association aboard the SSV Cramer (148) in the Caribbean.