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Mike Hopper Holding Trout

62. Sea-Run Brook Trout and Salters of Massachusetts

Michael Hopper, President of the Sea-Run Brook Trout Coalition (www.searunbrookie.org) talks with Rob about saving sea run brook trout. Once preferred by anglers in the 1700’s, these are brook trout that leave fresh water for the ocean life. Trout rejoin their freshwater brethren better fed and bigger, more salmon like.

Buttermilk Bay at the top of Buzzards Bay has the finest runs for salters (sea-run brook trout). Theodore Lyman, III, found with Louis Agassiz (1867) that Red Brook in Wareham was the finest remaining salter run. The Lyman family saved the brook’s watershed until recently. It is protected today by the State (428-acre Red Brook Wildlife Management Unit) and The Trustees of Reservation (210-acre Lyman Reserve).

Salter populations are hanging on in tidal creeks and rivers, a remnant of their former abundance. Saving sea-run brook trout means saving all the other fish and animals of the watershed. Tune in to help save salters and coastal ecosystems.