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Leesa Souto MRC

76. Protecting Indian River Lagoon with Leesa Souto, Ph.D.

Leesa Souto talks with Rob from the shores of Indian River Lagoon.  When at the University of Central Florida, Leesa surveyed lawn care practices and the advantages, including cost savings, of fertilizing one’s lawn once a year, early in the Spring with a slow release nitrogen fertilizer.  This will save one effort on a hot June day.  We must not spread fertilizer close to waterways. Instead let the plants in buffer zones to do what they do best, take up nitrogen.  Leesa is Executive Director of the Marine Resources Council. Volunteers have for 20 years monitored water quality. Sea grass die-off is the big concern this year for the lagoon.  MRC works also on shoreline restoration fighting back invasive plant species.  Right Whales are observed by volunteers in the Lagoon.  Finally,Leesa is doing much to improve interactive educational displays at the Lagoon House.


The Ted Moorhead Lagoon House is operated as an environmental learning center and a scenic highway visitor information center by the Marine Resources Council. It is the official welcome center for the Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway.