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78. Sustainable Thinking

Mike Josha talks with Rob about how to lessen our carbon footprints.  Mike hosts daily nine to noon rock radio on WFNX.com.  On the show Mike presents “Sustainable Thinking” to get people to think a little more about the planet to be more environmentally conscious.  Mike is also a writer and shares tales of greening up his family and home on TrueFoodMovement.com  How we eat and what we eat ties into sustainability.  Mike and Rob talk about the detriments of plastics polluting environments.  Clean water has become very precious.  Mike describes how one can save water with better water management.  For Mike sustainable thinking is a philosophy to live by where he brews his own coffee in the morning rather than buying coffee during the commute.  We talk about Community Supported Agriculture and to growing more in one’s limited backyard.  Mike injects both self-deprecation and humor into his call for taking modest steps like home-cooked healthy meals.

NOTE: Rob spoke with Mike on Thursday March 7th.  On Wednesday, March 13th while attending the SXSW music festival in Austin Texas, the WFNX staff was informed via conference call that WFNX would cease operations the next day, Thursday, March 14. The Boston Phoenix’s sudden closing of all operations in Greater Boston came as a big surprise.  Thus ends the ORI sponsored Sustainable Thinking partnership with Mike on Internet radio, for now.

HoundstoothRadioMike writes:

Hi Rob! Yes, sad and bizarre. I’ve landed here:  http://www.houndstoothradio.com/
‘Sustainable Thinking’ will carry on there, and I’d like to talk to you about the radio show as well.