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79. Florida’s Indian Riverkeeper Speaks for Us All

CurrentIndianRiverkeeperMartyBaum_000Marty Baum is the Indian Riverkeeper. Marty is deeply connected to Indian River Lagoon with family ties back to 1866. The estimated annual economic value of the Indian River Lagoon is $3,725,900,000.  Marty is alarmed by the recent deaths of 58 manatees and relates this to the shocking die-off of sea grass last summer.  Pelicans are found suffering like never before. More than half of the Lagoon dolphins are sick, weakened by nitrogen pollution and poisoned by methyl mercury produced by nitrogen fertilizer. Everyone along Indian River Lagoon is directly dependent upon the health and vigor of the ecosystem. We must demand clean water. Every single one of us via our property values, wages, tax bases, services, recreation or our direct livelihoods, benefits from the Lagoon. Essentially, everything about our way of life here is enhanced and given greater value due to the influence of the Indian River Lagoon.