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82. Implementing the National Ocean Policy

SarahChasisNRDCAlison Chase and Sarah Chasis (pictured) of the Natural Resources Defense Council talk with Rob about what Sarah calls “a recipe for smart ocean management that could set our oceans on track to long term health.” With so many American jobs and communities dependent on oceans, this is a most opportune time for ocean planning.

AlisonChasenonimageimage_000Let’s dive in. Recently the Administration released an ocean action plan with specific steps the federal government will take to tackle some of the major threats facing our marine life – from ocean acidification to marine debris, from degradation of important ocean habitat to poor water quality. The National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan is the result of enhanced communications and management across the 27 federal agencies and departments that manage activities affecting our nation’s oceans and coasts and is a key component of the new National Ocean Policy to protect and restore our oceans.


Tedd Saunders, Berl Hartman, Sarah Chasis, Carl Safina and Rob Moir standing for blue waters at an E2 event in Boston MA.