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84. Six Fish and a Whale for Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Christine_Larkin_Headshot_000Rob’s guest is Radio Host, Actress and Singer, Christine Larkin.  Christine reports on ocean life and storm changes to Long Island. In a reversal of roles, Christine interviews Rob about 7 animals of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.  Cod and stockfish brought people long ago to Stellwagen.  Declining cod stocks in 1639 alarmed the Pilgrims to pass a law protecting cod. It has been downhill for cod since 1620, until 2008 when a natural phenomenon on Stellwagen misled scientists to overestimate cod numbers. Rob describes what makes tuna a Boston Bluefin commanding high market prices, bubble netting by humpback whales, redfish of muddy bottom, haddock of gravel bottoms, goosefish or monkfish of sandy bottoms and the wolffish of boulder reefs.  Christine and Rob suggest what one can do to save marine life and enjoy a more vibrant Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

Christine Larkin works with Genesis Global Radio as a Host, Producer & Interviewer. Christine began a career as Voiceover Artist, Actress and Jazz Singer after many years on the business side of entertainment with companies such as HBO, MTV and CBS. She booked her first radio commercials as the voice of Fortunoff and went on to record for Sex & The City, Club Monaco and PBS, among other brands. She also enjoys acting in television, film, commercials, and video. Christine is also a singer with her band, Skylark. She got her start on the streets of Manhattan with American folk legend, Pete Seeger and The New York City Street Singers. They went on to perform at prestigious venues including Lincoln Center and Central Park Summer Stage. Christine’s repertoire includes American and jazz standards, popular songs and some originals, too. Whether accompanied by a full band or a single musician, it’s all about the song and inspiring her audience.