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Petrel Whales

A Wondrous Ocean Place in the Atlantic Ocean

Join us in calling for protecting essential fish habitats in the Atlantic Ocean from oil, gas and mineral mining.  This undersea area includes Cashes Ledge in the Gulf of Maine, five canyons of the continental slope waters off Georges Bank and four blue water seamounts.  Cashes Ledge has lush kelp forests with six foot fronds and an indigenous cod that is red in color, not gray.  This underwater mountain range has four distinct ocean floor (benthic) habitats.  Gravel ocean floors are essential habitat for the demersal fish: cod, haddock, pollock and hake. Sandy bottom has monkfish that bury into it and lure fish in. The muddy bottom areas are where Acadian redfish and sea anemones live.   Finally there are boulder reefs where lurk the toothy wolfish.  We know Cashes Ledge is of great ecological importance because at times there are more humpback whales feeding there than anywhere else.

Oceanographer Canyon and four further east are where sperm live and feed on squid.  Further offshore are four pristine deep seamounts, each with its own distinctive assemblage of deep sea corals and marine life.  Join the Ocean River Institute, subscribe to our eAlerts, friend us on Facebook, invite friends and family to urge Washington to protect a wondrous ocean place.  It takes a nation to manage an ocean realm.