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Episode 87: Saving the Planet with the Man from Winchester MA

MA State Rep Jason Lewis is Rob’s guest on Moir’s Environmental Dialogues Internet Talk Radio.  As a member of the Winchester MA Finance Committee, Jason Lewis noted that solid waste management was a big expense and because his number one concern is global warming knew recycling most be more of the waste stream.  Rep Lewis has filed a bill on Beacon Hill to reduce solid waste, increase recycle and reduce municipal costs.

The Solid Waste and Recycling Bill has five components.  First each municipality will have its own performance goals to bring each community up to a better level respectful of how some communities have more challenges than other.  Second, the bill has a waste ban of items that must be recycled.  Paper is currently too much of the waste stream and should be recycled to a greater degree.  Third, the bill strengthens oversight of waste haulers.  Waste haulers must be registered with the DEP.  From the hauler perspective they are not subjected to patchwork, city by city, requirements.   Haulers state certified levels the play field when bidding for contracts.

The Solid Waste and Recycling Bill’s fourth component collects and reports data on what is being disposed of and whether progress is being made towards zero waste.  Finally, money is an issue due to the additional work required by all.  A Zero Waste Fund would be funded by fees and assessments as well as a new surcharge of $1.50 for each ton of solid waste disposed of.   The fund will assist smaller municipalities to step up to the levels of recycling accomplished by larger urban communities.

Jason Lewis, cosponsor of a many green bills, would like to step up to the Senate for seat vacated by Katherine Clark.  The Primary Election will be March 4th.  You are invited to help elect Jason by volunteering with voter education and to hold signs.  If interested in making an incremental difference for the health of the planet with less trash please contact Rob.