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Garibaldi in a kelp forest and other marine life

Ocean River Institute’s spring intern, Noa Randall, talks with Rob about kelp forests and sailing on a tall ship. Noa spent three weeks in California with the Sea Education Association Summer Program for High School Students. Ten days were aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans sailing ship and ten days were on the shores of Catalina Island at the USC Wrigley Institute. Noa discusses her experience aboard the ship, and what she learned from snorkeling along the coast of Catalina Island. She spotted a sea lion gliding between kelp fronds, wanting to play but just as easily ready to attack.  She found on the rocky wall tube snails with their plumed crowns swaying in the water attempting to catch zooplankton. As she swam back towards shore, Noa floated over congregating Leopard Sharks and some Shovelnose Guitarfish.  We also talk about the giant black sea bass, their history and presence in that ecosystem as a popular sport fish. The program finishes up by telling listeners what campaigns ORI is currently working on and what they can do to help. Tune in!