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Harmful Algal Blooms in Massachusetts and Florida

You Can Reduce Harmful Algal Blooms and Save Money

Ocean River Institute Summer Interns Sara Trimble and Asa Magdanz are Rob’s guests talking about the connection between summer harmful algal blooms

Nitrogen is the worst pollutant of oceans because it is food for algae that grow rapidly, die and consume the oxygen creating hypoxia or what is known as an ocean dead zone.  Striped bass have been observed chasing bait fish when suddenly all fish roll up dead because they swum into an ocean dead zone.  Agriculture was found to over over-fertilize by 100%.  Lawns are being over-fertilized by 500%.  Sara and Asa talk about their research and educational outreach into communities to reduce nitrogen pollution.

The Ocean River Institute asks people modify their yard care practices to pollute less.  This will save land owners money while saving wildlife and pleasing swimmers and beach walkers with less harmful algae.

Asa and Sara host their own fund/friend raising pages, Yard Actions for Clean Water, that you may join and comment on by clicking here.  Asa is out-raising all of us.  If enough of us give just $5 or a bit more to Sara’s page she may just catch up to team Asa.