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It’s Not Too Late with Frances Moore Lappe

    Frances Moore Lappé, acclaimed author of Diet for a Small Planet and co-founder of the Small Planet Institute, joins ORI this week on Moir’s Environmental Dialogues She has been the recipient of many awards, including the Right Livelihood Award, the Rachel Carson Award, the Women’s National Book Association Award, James Humanitarian of the Year, and 19 honorary doctorates.

Frances speaks on air about preparing the 50-year anniversary publication of Diet for a Small Planet, which will include an epilogue with her daughter and co-founder pf SPI, Anna. She also discusses Daring Democracy, her most recent book, co-written with Adam Eichen. Frances explains that this book is her way of synthesizing a career of work in food, the environment, and democracy. She explores how power, meaning and connection can propel us into a future with a more functional and robust democracy.

Frances is currently at work with Bob Masse on her 20th book, It’s Not Too Late, which will focus onholding onto hope, the opposite of wishful thinking. Frances explains that the book’s research is divisible into three categories: climate change, economic and political realms. Frances describes how issues in our democracy are caused by broken systems, and large- scale change is required. Frances says it’s not too late for a Living Democracy– not just a form of government, but an evolving way of life.