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Lobsters North versus Lobsters South of Cape Cod

Beth Casoni, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Lobstermen Association spoke with Rob about lobsters. In the Gulf of Maine lobsters are in high abundance, the numbers are increasing annually.  In Southern New England there’s record low lobster numbers.  Beth investigates by going out in a lobster boat off Martha’s Vineyard.  Beth was shocked by the amount of green algae that clings to lobster pots. “I am pretty sure I saw weeds that had weeds growing on them.”  Along the shore adding insult to injury, big houses with big green lawns spilled into the sea.  Beth and Rob talk of joining forces to stop over-fertilizing lawns and diminish harmful algal blooms.  Don’t feed algae as they can be hazardous to your health and marine life.  With the right amount of nitrogen green lawns can coexist with clean water.  Beaches near lawns need not suffer smelly harmful algal blooms; and lobsters pots need not gain 30-40 lbs with algae.  Join with the Ocean River Institute’s call for responsible stewardship of our lawns without the toxic nitrogen runoff into our waterways.