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Wood Storks roosting in mangrove trees

Captain Nancy Beaver in the Wilds of Indian River Lagoon, Florida

Today Rob Moir is back, hosting Captain Nancy Beaver of Sunshine Wildlife Tours and his intern Noa Randall, to talk about what’s happening in Indian River Lagoon and learn more about the special wildlife that inhabits this area. Captain Beaver tells us about how Bird Island was recently designated as a Critical Wildlife Habitat, which is super important in helping to inform the public about the importance of this region. In addition, the work ORI was helping with down along the lagoon has continued and finally all the counties lining this body of water have passed fertilizer ordinances! Great progress! Nancy explains more about some of the unique animals that call this lagoon, and Bird Island, home including the Roseate Spoonbill, the Magnificent Frigatebird, and the Bottlenose Dolphins. Though lots of good work has been done already, there is always more we can do to help protect and preserve our environment. Keep up your support!

Please join us for the Fifth Annual Sunshine Wildlife Tours & Ocean River Institute Fundraising Dinner on Thursday, March 26 at the Miles Grant Country Club in Stuart, Florida.  Please give a hand for this year’s feature speaker Capt Nan Beaver!  It only took us five years to get it right.

More than five years ago Nan and Rob met with a Martin County Commissioner because this county had the greatest number of dolphin deaths in the Lagoon.  As a result the first responsible stewardship fertilizer ordinance was passed unanimously by Martin County.  This past August, the last of the five counties of Lagoon passed a responsible stewardship ordinance.  For this happen required more than a village, it required advocates from through out the state and many organizations speaking out.  From the beginning Capt Nan has stayed the course, educating thousands voyaging out onto the Lagoon with her Sunshine Wildlife Tours.