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95. What Inspired Rob to Save the Oceans

October 16th Episode:

Today as K.C. Armstrong meets again with Rob Moir on Women’s Radio Network, we have the chance to hear about what inspired Rob to save the oceans and how his excitement as a kid later influenced him to create the Ocean River Institute. He explains ORI’s role in working towards creating more environmental changes and how other groups can use his organization as a resource in their own causes. ORI’s philosophy, that many environmental issues can be addressed by locals in their own communities, alludes to his methodology in making a difference.

The Research Vessel Westward is the featured image for this podcast because Rob served as assistant scientist for Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  He managed the laboratory, maintained the research equipment and taught marine sciences aboard the ship sailing north to Newfoundland, south to Martinique and west to Roatan Island, Honduras, as well as off America’s shores from Dry Tortugas into the Gulf of Maine.