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Recognize Right Whale Day – April 24th


North Atlantic Right Whale Day is April 24th


The Delaney family had an experience with right whales on April 24th.  They asked their state representative to make this special day a time when everyone could cherish right whales. Support us in passage of Josh Cutler’s bill H.3869 to create Massachusetts Right Whale Day April 24.


Have you a right whale tale to tell, real or imaginary, perhaps with an illustration?


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THE STORY – Remember the Right Whales

Read what others are saying about right whales.

Take a moment to tell your state legislator why you care about right whales as part of our letter urging passage of the Massachusetts Right Whale Day bill.

Want to know more or swim right whales into your learning sphere? EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES  managed by Katrina Delaney.

Check out Right Whale Swag for sale, featuring designs and art by Erica Delaney Black.  SALES

Donate to support Right Whale Day and let’s all experience right whales.

Right Whales, right for you and me, right for Massachusetts!