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Brabant Island, Palmer Archipeligo, Antarctica


Tecla is sailing north with reefed mizzen sail from Gerlache Strait past Brabant Island in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica, with clearing skies on the evening of February 4, 2023.

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Tecla is a 62-foot North Sea drifter that fished for herring on the Dogger Bank, built in Vlaardingen, Holland, 1915. After sailing as freighter out of Denmark, Tecla returned to Holland in the 1980’s to be re-fitted as a sail training vessel with two wooden masks, 6 sails and some heavy wooden spars (gaft-rigged) to set sails including on topsails and jib boom instead of bowsprit.

These images are from several voyages in Scotland. In 2019, I joined Tecla in Iceland to sail to Nuuk Greenland.

Blue Water Sailing Prints are infused into a sleek metal panel for a radiant appeal. A gloss white coating makes for a true color replication plus rounded edges makes for a clean display. The aluminum panel measures 3/64” inch thick and is scratch and fade resistant. Each print features a sturdy mounting fixture, anodized silver aluminum inset 1” from edge of the print to provide a floating aesthetic approximately one inch off the wall.

Prints are available in two sizes 8” by 12” for $76.00 and 16” by 20” for $197.00

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