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Slow Release Nitrogen

What is Slow Release Nitrogen?

It is a nitrogen that, due to a coating, takes time to be break down and be released into the soil.

Why use Slow Release Nitrogen fertilizer?

There are several benefits of slow-release nitrogen in fertilizer.

Turf Health Economic/ Efficiency
  • Allows for more uniform
    grass growth (less flush growth attributed to
    unwanted thatch and
    possible disease problems)
  • Healthier soils (components
    of the fertilizer feed the soil microbes)
  • Promotes a healthy root system
  • Less likely to burn the lawn when fertilizer is reduced
  • Slow release nitrogen fertilizer feeds grass longer
  • One application in the fall instead of frequent applications
  • Less nutrients are lost to runoff and leaching
  • Plants have time to absorb all the fertilizer