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Support ORI

We’ve gathered together to get the muck out Indian River Lagoon.

You may donate to the Ocean River Institute, Inc. by clicking here.

You may also donate through Paypal.

Listen to ORI’s mission statement to the tune of All Together Now.


Why Support ORI?

  • We educate, advocate and promote action on pressing issues, many local issues you would not otherwise hear about
  • We make your voice heard by environmental policy makers
  • We run effective campaigns and achieve results you can see
  • We’re a small organization; all your support goes to mission
  • Write a review or read what others are saying about the Ocean River Institute. Reviews of ORI on Great Nonprofits are also posted on Guidestar

Ways to Support ORI?

  • Give on line
  • Send us a check
  • Donate appreciated securities and/or make a bequest.  ORI has a brokerage account for receiving gifts.  Please contact us for more information.
  • Invite friends and colleagues to join with you in making donations to ORI.


“ORI does an outstanding job of waterway environmentalism and should be supported by everyone. They are an organization highly worthy of bequests in your will to leave a meaningful legacy protecting the earth and its wildlife.” – Arlene Steinberg , Philadelphia, PA
“I love the work of the Ocean River Institute, it is valued in more ways than one. It is comforting to know this organization exists, and it is necessary for it to be supported by all!!!” – Deborah Cosio, Colorado Springs, CO
“We are grateful for the excellent work you do to protect our waterways!” – Laura Schlegal and family, Chicago, IL
“ORI is a vital organization in the fight for healthy oceans and marine wildlife. Continue your outstanding leadership” – Tim Duda, San Antonio, TX
“The Ocean River Institute consistently strives to preserve all the water resources on our planet; and to teach us all how to assist in this.” – Gloria Clements, Macon, GA
“ORI is imperative to the continuing existence of our planet’s numerous and varied animals. Without this total commitment and determination, future generations would be denied the absolutely beautiful and wonderful experiences of life at its best. ORI is to be commended for all that they do.”- Andrea Roland, Amboy, IL

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

You can secure significant tax advantages by making a gift of securities – stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. A gift of stock held longer than one year allows you to avoid paying capital gains tax. You also receive an income tax deduction for the current market value of the gift. Press here for EIN and Legal Information. For more information please contact Rob Moir, ORI at (617) 714-3563. Or you may email Rob at rob@oceanriver.org

Please note your gift is not complete for tax purposes until securities appear in ORI’s brokerage account.  Act now to take advantage before December 31.