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Join the Blue Green Sustainers

Tidepooling on Thompson Island in the Boston Harbor

“I give quarterly to ORI because they are true champions of the earth’s waters and the creatures that live in it. I’m proud to support all their efforts.” ~ Debbie of Malden, MA

Give to become a Blue Green Hero today! For just $10 per month, you can protect our ocean, save fish and fishing communities. Your recurring monthly donation is different from a one-time gift because it helps sustain our work every month. Blue Green Sustainers are the lifeblood of our work for healthy oceans and rivers.  It’s the simplest, greenest, and best way to support our work.

Blue Green Sustainers are a group of people that make a major impact by giving small monthly or quarterly donations. Their sustaining support enables us to move toward a healthier, less-polluted, and more bio-diverse planet Earth. To become a Blue Green Sustainer, all you have to do is make the first donation online and choose monthly or quarterly. After that, your debit or credit card will be charged automatically on the same day each month or every three months.

donate_nowLend a hand, join with us to become an ORI Blue Green Sustainer. Our oceans and waterways are suffering from multiple assaults. Help us to protect, restore, and better manage our waters! Please sign on to make a recurring sustaining gift by clicking here.

 Recent Testimonials for the Ocean River Institute

“I support Ocean River gratefully because they can do things I can’t to make a difference in our world. Our rivers, oceans and streams are like the arteries and veins within us, carrying all the pollutants we introduce. Ocean River Institute works to mitigate the harm and educate for the better. Please support them all you can.”  
~ Melinda of Monticello, Florida
“Ocean River Institute performs a great service to the American people. They deserve our full support! ” 
~ Marilyn from West Tremont, ME
“The Ocean River Institute serves as a voice for our wonderful network of seas, oceans, rivers and all that exists within them. Thank goodness they are advocates for good stewardship and responsible use.” 
~ Diane from Deep River, CT
“Ocean River Institute is one of the top five environmental institutions that I count on for information about our nation’s river ways. They are not afraid about going up against climate issue foes, and I am thankful that they care so deeply for the environment.” 
~ Rev. Gordon of Mason, OH