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Heavy-weather political winds in Washington rage anti-ocean bill

The Accessing Strategic Resources Offshore Act (“ASTRO”) is astronomically bad in many respects: Revenue from offshore drilling is redirected to coerce reluctant governments and certain coastal states (VA, NC, SC, GA, and Alaska) to accept the risks of drilling accidents and routine pollution off their coasts. The closer the rig to your place the more…

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Save Atlantic Deep Sea Corals

This redfish and other fish benefit from deep-sea coral reefs in the North Atlantic that are threatened by trawling. Photo: Science AAAS Tell the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Council to Protect Deep-Sea Corals This month (January 2015) the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council will decide whether and to what extent to protect deep sea corals.  The New England…

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A No Groundfish Take Area in the Stellwagen Dedicated Habitat Research Area

UPDATE:  The preferred alternative Option B will establish Stellwagen Designated Research Area (DHRA)  entirely within the Western Gulf of Maine Closure Area. 55 sq. mi. about a fifth of the DHRA to become the Northern Reference  Area (no-take). 0% private recreational fishermen reported in 2010 & 2012 fishing in the Northern Reference Area 29 is…

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