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Oskar’s Quest by Jem Bendell, author of Deep Adaptation

“We are draining resources without giving much back. We are hardly a good example for climate leadership and climate justice. If this is a real climate emergency, like the United Nations and scientists around the world tell us. If we’re talking about coping with floods, fires, violence, starvation, migration, and even the break down of civilization in our lives. . .. We will have to live through climate change impacts or die in them. It is time to panic, because when we panic we will get up and do something real about it. We are the problem; we are causing harm. We have to change.

Oskar, a 13-year-old boy, goes on to tell his classmates after much reflection in this film:

“To find the way we must talk openly and be honest with ourselves. We need to admit where we failed and see what we can do now to make it so we do more good than harm.  And then actually do what we set out to do, or go home. Thank you and I hope we choose to be the change.”

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