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What’s Unique About the Ocean River Institute

New Zealander Wendy McGuinness interviews Dr Rob Moir and Harper Dangler

Dr Rob Moir and Harper Dangler of the Ocean River Institute were interviewed by Wendy McGuinness in July 2010, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Wendy McGuinness, is the Chief Executive of the McGuinness Institute. The Institute is an independent think tank specialising in research and policy analysis based in New Zealand. See http://www.mcguinnessinstitute.org

Rob and Harper talk about the terrible BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Effective and rapid response came due to established networks of concerned conservationists already in communications thanks to President Obama’s initiative for a National Ocean Policy.  Rob describes why an institute called Ocean River and  how it relates to Homer and Achilles’ shield.  Residents of the British Virgin Islands asked the Ocean River Institute for help thwarting their government from smothering their fisheries protected area with a five star hotel and cement-lined mega-yacht marina.   People from around the world made a meaningful difference for the islanders and the Ocean River Institute raised sufficient funds to cover the court costs, in particular bringing barristers from London to argue the case against the government.

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