Green algal bloom coastal waters
The Harmful Algal Bloom/Dead Zone Bill before the Senate needs your help today.  Please tell your Senators to pass the lands/water package of conservation bills expected to be considered this week.  The package contains lots of good conservation legislation, including bills to protect marine turtles and to end the brutal practice of shark finning in U.S. waters.
The oceans need your helpPlease go to Ocean Champions and take action now for the health and wellbeing of oceans.  Senators must hear from their constituents and you are just the one to speak up for oceans.  Thanks.
Baikal Seal for ORI
It took three months for six-year-old Billy, a Baikal seal, to master the serving of saki in a hot spring.  Tune in to Rob's talk with Peter Thomson, Environment Editor at the public radio program The World, to learn about Lake Baikal's troubles and the efforts in play to save Russia's "sacred sea."

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  • Support Chelsea Creek Action Group's efforts to give East Boston locals their salt marsh 
  • Mobilize individuals and groups for effective environmental rules and policies
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Baikal Seals sleeping
Tales of Russia’s Sacred Sea, Lake Baikal are told on Rob’s episode 33 of Moir’s Environmental Dialogues. Peter Thomson, Environment Editor at the public radio program The World, describes visiting the world’s deepest, oldest, and largest supply of fresh water in his new book, “Sacred Sea: A Journey to Lake Baikal.” 
For scientists Baikal is an enigma: at once both a healthy and a dying ecosystem.  Peter eloquently describes diving deep beneath cold, shimmering seas. The waters are unbelievably clear thanks to “the zillions of epischura trawling at any one time like a vast armada of aquatic vacuum cleaners, filtering Baikal’s water with extraordinary efficiency.” These shrimp-like critters are consumed by remarkable fish called “golomyonkas.” These fish swim perpendicular like seahorses and are, in turn, food for nerpas, the Baikal Seal.
Despite the clash of two very different fundamental faiths, complete with mirages and miracles, Peter finds hope in those struggling to save Lake Baikal.  But don’t take my word for it; listen to Ocean River Shields of Achilles radio for accounts of overcoming the obstacles to save wildlife and wild ecosystems.  
African Penguins on the march
On episode 34 of Moir's Environmental Dialogues, Rob chats with Dyan deNapoli, author of the newly released book The Great Penguin Rescue. Dyan tells the story of the largest wildlife rescue ever mounted. An oil tanker foundered off the coast of Cape Town between two islands that were the largest African penguin rookeries.  Already classified as a species vulnerable to extinction, the oil slick threatened to destroy nearly half the world population.  Experts, including Dyan, were flown in from around the world to manage a battalion of 12,000 volunteers, force feeding and cleaning 40,000 penguins for weeks. Dyan’s account is an endearing tale of perseverance to overcome devastatingly daunting obstacles to bring back from extinction a unique species, the African penguin.
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