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Terry Gibson

81. Stemming the Tide of Pollution that is Killing Our Fisheries

Terry Gibson, Senior Editor of Fly and Light Tackle Anglers talks with Rob about stewardship, fishing and changes he’s seen over the years. Terry recounts a fishing trip encountering tarpon where the younger fishermen were astounded by the number of fish while Terry wondered how small the school was.   Changing baselines is one problem. Declining ecosystem health is another. There are nearly no fish to be found in Indian River Lagoon due to the nitrogen-fed algal blooms killing sea grass.

Pelicans, manatees and dolphins are dying. Brevard County Commissioners seem to be missing the critical economic role of clean water, beaches not slimed with algae, and sport fishing. Terry discusses population dynamics of tarpon and sailfish, tales of concern, tales of hope. Terry combats cynicism with accounts of how much fishermen deeply care for sustainability most obvious in catch and speedy release program.

Terry Gibson is a Senior Editor and writes Fly & Light Tackle Angler’s STEWARDSHIP column. Terry also has contributed to leading fishing, hunting, surfing and dive publications since the late 1990s. Terry has fished abroad in ten countries plus the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, and in more than 40 states. As a multi-lingual journalist covering the issues, or as an advocate working them, Terry Gibson has engaged in conservation issues in more than 20 countries, including the frontlines of water-management, habitat and fisheries management issues in the U.S.