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Fish Tales

Got Fish Tales? We’d like to hear from you to learn more about the importance of these New England fish, no matter where you live. The better decision-makers know fish, the better informed will be their decisions. These New England fish were illustrated by Dina Chapeau for the Ocean River Institute. How do they look?…

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Save Atlantic Deep Sea Corals

This redfish and other fish benefit from deep-sea coral reefs in the North Atlantic that are threatened by trawling. Photo: Science AAAS Tell the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Council to Protect Deep-Sea Corals This month (January 2015) the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council will decide whether and to what extent to protect deep sea corals.  The New England…

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100 Million Menhaden Fish Saved by Decisively Acting Fisheries Commission

Menhaden Save Signs

“We’re overfished; we’re overfishing. … If we don’t do something, it’s likely the long-term viability of [the menhaden] fishery is going to go away,” said Louis Daniel, North Carolina’s fisheries director and chairman of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Friday, at a hotel in South Baltimore, Daniel masterfully maintained order. Only once was there…

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