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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Utah, Virginia & Vermont

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.



To keep our garbage out of the animals and ecosystems that have done nothing wrong and are so negatively impacted. Help me to have more refillable options when shopping and recyclable options when making purchases. Support the Plastics Pollution bill.  Warwick Hansell, Cottonwood Heights UT

Plastic is polluting just about everywhere.  Support this bill and legislate how we may use other alternatives to plastics. Good for the economy, too. Jocelyne Davidson, Saratoga Springs UT

This destruction of the oceans where millions of animals are trying to survive is appalling and must be dealt with now! Because I care about the fate of all animals on land or sea, I urge you to support the Plastics Pollution bill. Georgi Mortensen, West Jordan UT

Plastic ingestion is causing population declines among marine species, which threatens our fisheries, and thus, the global economy. Additionally, the loss of keystone species threatens the stability of the ecosystems we depend on for ecosystem services, such as food and flood control. Ecosystem collapse also contributes to increases in disease transmission and evolution of new strains of diseases (e.g., cholera outbreaks from Vibrio species not normally found together sharing new genes that increase virulence). As an ecologist, I understand there are many indirect effects we will all benefit from by reducing plastic waste. However, even far from the coast, we benefit by reducing waste in general and switching to compostable or more recyclable materials. Becky Williams, Vernal  UT


I am sick and tired of seeing my community turned into one big dump. I fear we will soon be buried in it. The Break Free from Plastic Pollution bill would significantly reduce the production of these products in the United States. The bill would reduce wildlife from ingesting and being entangled in plastics and waste products. The prevention of plastic pollution will make the places we care about cleaner, safer, and more attractive. I urge you to support the plastic pollution bill.  In addition to my neighborhood, your district, to not to see plastic trash everywhere will benefit the entire planet and every living thing.  Rhonda Johnson, Aylett VA

Stop letting plastic polluters destroy everything!  Make them clean up their messes!  Support the plastic pollution bill.  Elaine Fischer, Cave Spring VA

Plastic pollution is not just unsightly and a risk to wildlife, it is a fossil fuel product driving climate change. It is full of harmful chemicals as well, such as BPA and phthalates. Micro plastics, so small that we can’t even see them, have been found everywhere we look for them-sand, water, salt, soil, even beer! We need to stop production of plastic for uses where safer, non-fossil fuel-derived materials can be used. Banning the most toxic plastics such as vinyl and polystyrene would be a good step forward. I don’t want fracking being done to produce vast quantities of single-use products and packaging! I don’t want toxic chemicals or microplastics in my body or in my children’s bodies. Peggy Gilges, Charlottesville VA

Our wildlife can’t survive with all the plastic waste. We need fines for all trash thrown out car windows and fines for stores that allow the plastic trash and other trash to go down drains in the parking lots just outside their entrances. I saw a great deal at Whole Foods in Fairfax the other day. Hopefully, this bill will lead to no more chemicals and pesticides as well, please. Your support of the bill would give me peace of mind to know that we will no longer hurt our wildlife and places. Louise Wallace, Fairfax VA

Plastic is choking our planet. I am worried our oceans will never be able to recover. Please support the plastic pollution bill it will go far to clean up this mess.  Lynda West, Falls Church VA

To save mother earth & all her inhabitants. Your support of this bill would give me peace of mind. Theresa Hebron, Fredericksburg VA

Plastic pollution is rampant throughout our world, but is especially dangerous in our waterways, from rivers, to oceans, to my beloved Chesapeake Bay. We need to rid the environment of plastics and increase recycling. Plastic bags and Styrofoam are two of worst culprits and need to be phased out.  I urge you to support the Plastic Pollution bill. Thane Harpole, Hayes VA

There is more plastic in our waterways than fish, and it is a growing problem that must be addressed immediately before our rivers and oceans are irrevocably ruined. My family wants to enjoys rivers and beaches without having to regularly pick plastic out of the water and off the shore.  We ask that you support this bill for cleaner waterways. Bob Shippee, Henrico VA

Plastic are not good for you and me because the end product shows up in wild life and will eventually cross over to humans.  Support the plastic pollution bill for my health, my children’s health, my grandchildren’s health. Walter Moore, Moseley VA

Plastic is a menace to ocean life, entangling creatures large and small.  Even when broken down into tiny particles, both ocean life and seabirds eat the nurdles (small plastic particles), mistaking them for nutritious eggs. There would be better fisheries, no needless “bycatch” deaths.  When visiting the beach it would be a lot cleaner. Please pass this bill and I will feel better knowing that protracted miserable deaths were at a minimum. Pat Quinn, Norfolk VI

Plastic breaks apart & is often eaten by animals. Tiz a bad way to die. It corrupts our fresh & salt water bodies. Passing this bill would benefit the Earth & thus me. Lynne Evans, Richmond VI

We are DROWNING in plastic waste!  It is clogging water treatment plants, killing wildlife, breaking down and getting into our food. It causes cancer and damages kidneys.  We MUST make manufacturers and users take responsibility for recycling and reusing plastic to keep it from polluting! This bill would benefit everyone by reducing carcinogens in our environment. It will help EVERYONE! Support it. Elaine Fischer, Roanoke VA

Biodegradable plastics are now available. Support the plastics pollution bill and let’s use them!  L A, Virginia Beach VA

The World is in a Plastic Pandemic!  There needs to be sweeping changes across the globe. Everyone must act now. Stand up and support the Plastics Pollution Bill. Imagine just being able to look around at the landscape and NOT SEE PLASTIC hanging from trees, covering roadsides, coating the banks of rivers and streams, and no longer washing up on our shores.  Marisa Reilly, Woodbridge VA

Plastic pollution kills fish, turtles, birds, sea plants, beaches–the list goes on and on. And, it includes humans.  Support this bill so we all may enjoy beaches, oceans, lakes, rivers, creeks, and the land.  Diane Clark, Woolwine VA


Our oceans and the planet is being smothered in plastic.  We need to remove as much as possible and to reduce the consumption of plastics.  Start by using glass containers, end single use plastics, for example the 8 oz. water bottles. Support this bill as I am deeply concerned of the planet and mostly for the animals that are being killed by plastics. Jean Farrell, Andover VT

As I always say, plastic is cheap and convenient but it is literally killing marine life and some on land. People lived without it for thousands of years and I am pretty sure we could do it again.  A lot less plastic would benefit wildlife but also would make our planet a bit healthier and that would benefit all living beings which the planet is too. It is deadly and unsightly and I strive to less than I do. I already use a lot less plastic than many and am trying to do better. For me I would be happy to know that efforts are being made to save marine life and water-all water and not just oceans. We have a beautiful planet and I want it to be healthier. Please support this bill.  For me, it would be more peace of mind knowing the spread of plastic will be reduced for I am a lover of the planet and wildlife. Kate Kenner, Guilford VT

Plastics will kill us all in the end. Put a stop to this by supporting the Plastic Pollution Bill. Grace Johnstone, DC, Hardwick VT

Plastic pollution is killing marine wildlife as well as countless birds.  It can leach toxins into the water or earth that surrounds it.  It’s obvious that it’s causing great harm to the environment and we need to stop producing so much plastic, especially those which never degrade and those that contain harmful chemicals. Support this bill and we would all benefit.  It matters because I live in Vermont; it matters because I have grandchildren, and I don’t want their bodies polluted by microscopic plastic – I want them to be healthy, not fighting for their lives because of our stupidity and greed. Janette Jorgensen, Richford VT

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5 responses on “Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Utah, Virginia & Vermont

    1. Rob Moir, Ph.D. Post author

      YES. The bill is very entrepreneurial. American businesses will talk with one another on how to reduce single use plastics in packaging; how to extend the life of plastic products; and how to reuse plastics so that it goes into products instead of landfills. Also what are alternatives to plastics? such as using corn instead of plastics to make sneakers and cotton instead of plastics to make Lego bricks. American industries will become trend-setters in the global economy meeting the market needs of savvy consumers who do not want to pollute.

      1. Rob Moir, Ph.D. Post author

        Wall Mart discovered when they reduced the packaging of toy trucks they saved money not only in materials but because they could pack more trucks in less space when shipping. Companies need to share their incremental success stories so that the can continue moving towards zero plastic waste and without increasing costs.

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