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Many thanks for Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Marine Refuge

Please write a personal thank you note to the President in the comment section below. Please include your town and state, so the President will see that saving this ocean realm is more than of local interest. 

Top Ten Comments

Calling for the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Marine Monument,

a wondrous Atlantic Ocean 4,900 square-mile place 130 miles southeast of Cape Cod

(as of November 2015).

10.  We only have one planet and it is under assault at so many levels. Please do everything within your power to protect it. Writes Cheryl from Spirit Lake, Idaho

9. Why is our country so ready to destroy our natural places? Now we can’t wait to ruin our oceans! Sometimes I think my government does not care about the beauty and the tranquility of our last wild places whether it’s on land or in the ocean and at beaches! Writes Linda of Burns Flat, Oklahoma

8. We need to preserve fisheries more than we need more sources of oil. Writes William from Whitefish. Montana

7. Seamounts are important areas with congregations of so many varieties of marine life that destruction of them as we have done with mountaintop removal with coal mining is unthinkable. Please protect these four seamounts and the canyons! Writes Susan from Johnsburg, Illinois

6. Just as we save special places on land, we need to be aware of and take steps to preserve special places in the oceans, especially with deep dredging and the damage it does to the ocean floor. Writes Candace from Austin, Texas

5. Because of its most enriching biodiversity, the Atlantic Ocean must be protected at all times. This means absolutely no exploration and production of fossil fuels should take place anywhere in the Atlantic. Please do take the right steps to ensure that the Atlantic Ocean is completely safe for all cetaceans and other marine life. Many thanks! Writes Laurice from Mesa, Arizona

4. I am an environmental science teacher and I want our students to be able to appreciate deep-ocean sea life in their futures. Please help protect this region for our youth. Writes John from Brentwood, California

3. I grew up spending every summer at Cape Cod and I love this area of the Atlantic Ocean. Please protect these silent inhabitants with no voice who reach out to you for help. Do the right thing Mr. President, please. Writes Patricia from Mountain View, California

2. I am very glad to see “tribal members” included in the management. Please protect the oceans. Writes Susan from San Francisco, California

[The Aroostook Band of Micmacs, Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, Mashantucket Pequot, Mashpee Wampanoag, Mohegan, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Narragansett, and Wampanoag (Aquinnah) assisted with the ocean planning thanks to the workings of the Presidents National Ocean Council.]

1. We’ve gone to other planets, to space, literally out of this world and discovered the coolest things around. It’s amazing! But the ocean is one of the least explored places that we haven’t really gone deep down to which is funny because it’s literally right there! There is so much to see, so much to discover; it is only fair to recognize a place that holds so much potential! I mean can you imagine the sort of crazy creatures that live under there that we don’t know about yet! Writes Gwen from San Jose CA  View Gwen’s hand-written comment to President Obama.

dolphin-on-the-bowPlease comment below why are you thankful that President Obama has forever protected a wondrous ocean place, the Northeast Canyon and Seamount National Marine Monument.  The Ocean River Institute bring your comments to the president’s attention in a large thank you letter. When commenting please include your town and state because it takes a nation to responsibly manage an ocean realm.

280 responses on “Many thanks for Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Marine Refuge

    1. Melissa Blandford

      Thank you for helping to preserve our shared living planet. As a coastal management major in college, I understand the vital role the oceans play in the overall health of the entire planet. Again, thank you for making a positive difference in the future of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Marine Refuge.

    2. Lizbeth Farias

      Thank you President Obama for being such an extraordinary man, thank you for protecting this beautiful ocean place for other species to live, for our children to see, for our planet that needs so much help from us. Its health is our health. Thank you!

  1. Isabel de Sena

    Thank you, Mr. President, for protecting this marvelous ocean place, the Northeast Canyon and Seamount National Marine Monument. It is high time we start paying attention to the delicate marine environments we are on the verge of destroying. You have done the right thing, and no doubt would have done so much more had you had the opportunity to. I am so glad and proud I voted for you both times.

  2. Heather Nemeth

    thankful that President Obama has forever protected a wondrous ocean place, the Northeast Canyon and Seamount National Marine Monument.

    1. Karla McNamara

      I am so grateful for protecting our precious ocean and all life in it.
      as divers, my family and I have a special appreciation for the cradle of life. Thank you President Obama for taking this critical step in the direction of saving our environment.

      1. Carol Walker 29 Jefferson St. winthrop, MA 02152

        I’m so grateful that you’ve protected these areas of our Atlantic Coast that are extremely important to be saved for our ocean’s health which is intricately connected to our health.

  3. Dr William M Smith Jr

    Thank you, Mr. President,
    This action is a major step in the long-term preservation of a vast, unique ecosystem, much of which remains unstudied.

  4. Joan Clement

    Much appreciation for saving this marine sanctuary and involving local native peoples in the planning process. Such an example for future leaders!!

  5. Kay Randall

    We need to protect the natural world both for it’s wonder and for it’s beauty. Beyond that we rely upon the ocean for food. To continue to allow more oil drilling in the wake of the various disasters is foolish and short sighted. Please protect us from ourselves and our never ending need to not change from a fossil fuel based economy. It is time for us to stretch our wings once again and do what is necessary to bring about change for the climate, for the ocean, for the creatures that inhabit that ocean and ourselves.

  6. Judith Costello

    Every animal, bug, bee, creature below the sea and in the sky that is saved is a victory for us all. Every protected place gives and protects life as God intended. Thank you, Mr. President, for all the victories that you have given us.

  7. Lynn Schneider

    Thanks for this Saving Grace; as well as the one in Hawaii.
    (I was also born there; and the oceans need all the help they can get!!)

  8. W. Andrew Stover

    Thank you for preserving the Northeast Canyon and Seamount National Marine Monument. Such wondrous places need to be protected from those who would harm them.

  9. Robert Hyer II

    Thank you for this protection. Global Warming is destroying our planet and since about 78 I’ve thought man is the only animal who doesn’t really heed the forewarning signs of nature and we shall perish as obstinate nonconformists. I hope not. What say you president? Thank you for this decision.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Robert Hyer II
    print journalist


    Thank you for creating the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts
    National Marine Monument. We and the environment certainly appreciate what you have done!

  11. Jeanne Anderson

    Thank you , President Obama, for protecting the Northeast Canyon and Seamount National Monument. Every place set aside to be protected is more precious than we can even realize right now!

  12. Helen Hays

    Thank you, President Obama, for preserving this unique area so we and future generations may enjoy this special beautiful ecosystem.

  13. Siri Dyal

    Thank you So Much President Obama !

    For all of the stances you have taken in regards to environment, and the common good for all Earth inhabitants….. so far in my life you are my Favorite President of all time…. well may be you tie with Abe…. 🙂 any how…. Thank you ! and looking forward to your after game!


    Siri Dyal

  14. Sheila Enright

    Thank you, President Obama for creating the Atlantic Oceans first Marine Monument. Our oceans and sea life desperately need saving!

  15. Janice Lancaster

    Thank you, Mr. President! It is so important that we protect the ocean and this area sounds like such a unique and valuable place.

  16. Ruth Miller

    Many thanks to President Obama for preserving this unique ocean site, Northeast Canyon and Seamounts National Marine Refuge for us and future generations.

    Ruth Miller

  17. Randy Lopez

    Thank you Mr. President for your hard work and your dedication to protecting our environment, our animals, and our historic landmarks.

  18. Samantha Simpson-Burns

    As one who truly treasures our planet, I sincerely thank President Obama for taking decisive action to protect this unique ecosystem.

  19. Susan Lanes

    Humanity has been vacuuming away earth’s lifeforms replacing them with its dead plastic trash at an unsustainable rate. Without the forward thinking of world leaders like our President protecting these nurseries, they could not contribute to ocean repopulation.

  20. Jessica Brown

    Thank you Prez Obama. You had the vision to precipitate change for the better, for all life, on planet earth. I hope the next Prez can follow you lead on saving the one true paradise we live on called earth.

  21. Joan Jackson

    Thank you so much, Mr. President Obama. Animals and Biodiversity are very important to us. So we protect them for purposes. May God bless you.

    Joan Jackson

  22. Bevin Thomas

    Thank you President Obama! One huge step in the protection of our oceans. Now let’s continue with more protection of the earth as well.

  23. Joyce McDonald


  24. Judith Mitchell

    Dear President Obama — You told us you’d be the Environmental President and you have delivered, many times over. I am extremely grateful to you. Gaia is, too. Thank you!

  25. Karen Mussette

    Thank you President Obama..
    Our oceans need protecting everywhere. Once our coral reefs are gone, it will be catastrophic for humanity. Keep up the awesome work. You may also try to halt the sonar and seismic testing which is killing off dolphins and whales endlessly….please. Whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated.

  26. C. Gordon

    Thank you so much President Obama for protecting our wonderous Northeast Canyon and Seamount National Marine Monument. Thanks so very much. <3

  27. Marilyn Rowland

    As an American, and as someone who lives in the Northeast, I am very grateful that you have taken this action. The Northeast Canyons and the Seamounts National Marine Refuge will help preserve at-risk fisheries and protect marine flora and fauna into a happy future, and bring joy to our children and grandchildren over many, many decades, and beyond.

    I thank you, President Obama, for your inspired leadership in designating these protected areas!

  28. Roya Massih

    Thank you President Obama! My heart is heavy; I wish we had you as our president for at least another term! I hope after much needed rest, you continue to help restore our environment and its habitat! Bees, butterflies, birds, wildlife: land and oceanic…all around the globe need help! Earth needs help!

  29. Suzanne Murphy Larronde

    A wonderful move, President Obama, but we need to get to the root causes of all our environmental problems: we must make every effort to control human population growth. Our planet and its resources are finite.

  30. Debra Rehn

    Thank you, President Obama, for all you have done and will do in your remaining time in office, for our irreplaceable planet earth!

  31. Lindsay E Johnson

    Thank you President Obama for protecting a wondrous ocean place, the Northeast Canyon and Seamount National Marine Monument.

  32. Gina Megay

    Thanks, President Obama for recognizing that there is no second chance to preserve our oceans and all the life that depends on them.

  33. JoAnne Klein

    Many thanks, Pres. Obama, for what you have done for the environment, and all the things you tried to accomplish in the face of a bunch of worthless congressional members. I believe you have assured your place in History as one of the great leaders of our country.

  34. Leslie Cassidy

    Thank you, President Obama, for permanently protecting the the 4,913 square mile area, 130 miles south east of Cape Cod from overfishing and prohibiting are trawls and purse seining of Loligo squid, whiting, mackerel, dredges for scallops and shellfish, gill nets and long lining for swordfish, yellow fin and skip jack.

    This is unprecedented for a national park or refuge, and some people of this seascape may continue to work. Lobstermen are permitted to trap their catch on the ribbon of ocean floor less than 500 meters deep that wraps the northern ends of the three ocean canyons for seven years.

    Please continue your good work on the environment until you leave office and thereafter.

  35. Judy Hill

    As a former educator I can’t think of anything better than preserving our natural places for future generations. Thank you so much.

  36. Clare Hooson

    Thank you, President Obama, for being a champion for our environment! Our planet is our most precious resource. Without it, we have, and are, nothing.

  37. Debra Godwin

    Thank you Mr President, for creating the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Marine Monument. I’m so very glad you saw the importance of this area in need of protections. Thank you also for all the good you have done for our country over the past 8 years. I am sorry that congress/senate didn’t work with you as they should have. I wish you, Michelle and the firm’s all the best in your next endeavors in the years to come. Thank you for being a great president.
    Debra Godwin

  38. Jami Pillow

    Thank you so much for all that you have done for this country, the environment, surrounding waters and all the living creatures within.

  39. Marian Porter

    Most grateful for your setting aside the New England Canyons and the Seamounts National Marine Refuge as National Monuments. The people are thankful that more of our magnificent country has been so protected by this action. Thank you. Marian Porter, Silver Spring, Md.

  40. Sherrie

    Thank you for protecting the environment. There needs to be much more protection in the U.S. of land, air and water. When company greed destroys environments, pollutes the land, air and water, this is never a good solution. There needs to be better ways to implement new fuel and energy sources and these solutions do exist. It’s due to corporate greed and obstruction that the better ideas are not being implemented. Entire species are currently becoming exterminated due to man’s neglect and misuse of the earth.

  41. Tina Hill

    Thank you for making it a priority to preserve the beauty and wonder our country has to offer for future generations. I voted for you twice and I am proud of what you have accomplished.

  42. Marylyn Rands

    Thank you, President Obama, for your act protecting the marine refuge. We need to be concerned about the water world we live in, and this is a great start. I hope other countries and presidencies follow your valiant example.

  43. Pamela Elliott

    Thank you Mr. President for protecting Northeast Canyons & Seamounts National Marine Refuge! I can only imagine the fantastic sea life and massive formations on the sea floor they will find in the near future. It will be preserved for generations to come so all of them can discover, study, learn & enjoy what God has given us!

  44. Beverly Nelmes

    At a time when even the Great Barrier Reef is in peril, I thank you for taking a stand to provide federal protection for the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Marine Refuge. Thank you also for providing Native American tribal leaders the opportunity to protect, maintain, and preserve their ecological heritage.

  45. Erika Howards

    Thank you Mr. President for doing the right thing. Thank you for caring about the environment and may you and your family be blessed the rest of your lives.

  46. Paula Myles

    I’ve read that oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface and contain 97 percent of the Earth’s water. Less than 1 percent of the Earth’s water is fresh water, and 2-3 percent is contained in glaciers and ice caps. The oceans contain 99 percent of the living space on the planet.
    Thank you for creating a safety zone for one crucial part of the Whole!

  47. Nancy Lowell

    Congrats to all of us for electing you twice so that you could do all the great things that you have, for all of us. And now, the National Monument for the Northeast Canyons an Seamounts. Another spectacular American space saved for the future. Thank you!

  48. Larry G. Mabry

    Thank you Mr. President for all the steps you have taken to protect our environment. I am certain my Grandchildren will be most grateful!

  49. Joyce Greenberg

    You are a great president, much under-appreciated, surely history will be very kind to you and give you credit for the many positive things you have done to make life better on Earth for all beings.

  50. Corinne Van Houten

    Thank you for making the environment and the lives of animals dependent on the environment a priority. The purpose of conservation is not just a trivial pursuit or waste of opportunities to profit off land, it is the core of our country. Our water, our land, our national parks are more than simply places of recreation, they are the resources required for our survival and prosperity, they are the mirror of our soul as a nation, they are vital for all of us as places where we can re-connect to the beauty and power of nature and their heritage is connected not only to America’s visionary protection of land and extraordinary geographical landscapes but to America’s history and development as a nation unique among other nations.

  51. Chance Rearden

    For far too long the inhabitants of this wondrous planet have been treating it as if they are going to be the last generation living on it, with little if any consideration for generations down the line. You Mr. President have acted not merely for us now, but for those future generations as well.
    I thank you most sincerely,

  52. Constantine Bogios

    I can’t thank you enough for preserving our heritage for future generations to go – if only we could have you for another 4 years!!!

  53. Patricia Guthrie

    Thank you, President Obama, for protecting these wild and wondrous places in the ocean – we, the inhabitants of planet Earth, simply have to STOP acting like we have another planet to go to once we’ve totally trashed this one…

  54. Brenda Mason

    Every bit of land or sea that can be protected is important for the future of the earth.
    Thank you, President Obama. You’ve always had our backs and we, in turn, have yours.

  55. Lisa Ann Kelly & Family

    Thank you Mr. President. My family and I appreciate greatly any and all efforts you make to help protect our oceans.


    The Kelly Family (five of us)

  56. Carolyn Engel

    Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for our country. You are the best president ever and best first family. I’ll miss all of you so much.

  57. Evan Jane Kriss

    Thank you, President Obama, for creating Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Refuge, for protecting these fragile and unique sea environments and all living beings who inhabit their ecosystems. I applaud your respect for our oceans, without which life on earth would not be possible.

  58. William H Whitaker

    On behalf of children and grandchildren everywhere, many, many thanks. Please continue your good work by creating the Owyhee Monument.

  59. Timothy Shanahan

    If it were possible to physically reach through the Internet and shake your hand, Mr. President, I would do so. Until our technology allows us to do so, I will settle for a salute.

  60. Diana Aylward

    Thank you, wonderful President Obama! Thank you for helping our ecosystems and our precious animals—–this time, at the Seamounts National Marine Refuge. Please help our wild animals to be safe by not allowing sick people to just randomly murder them—-not to mention what they are doing widespread in our country: killing all of our animals. Is there anything that you can do, even at this late date? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY’S CONSCIOUSNESS, President Obama? Our animals are also members of our country. We will miss you. God bless you, Mr. President.

  61. Temur Khakberdiev

    Thank you mister president Obama sir.
    May your legacy inspire future chief executives to ever expand these and create new protected areas until they all connect!

  62. Rudolph Gartner

    Thank you, President Obama, for deciding to use your executive powers to protect these Eastern seaboard offshore underwater canyons and seamounts. Clearly, you see the value of working to protect the wondrous biodiversity of the fish populations which inhabit these now protected areas, and in doing so, you are giving other species of life such as birds, insects, etc., a gift of protection as these creatures rely on the fish populations for their life needs. I also commend the restricted, but reasonable, allowances you have granted to some fishermen, such as lobster fishermen, to continue to harvest lobsters, but in sustainable ways and for a limited, remaining time period. Thank you.

  63. Edward K Fujimoto

    This is a lasting legacy and a monument to the immeasurable natural treasures that would slip away were it not for your bold action. Thank you!!

  64. Silvana borrelli

    Thank you for caring about nature and the environment. It should be here for all generations to enjoy so we all must do whatever we can to protect it.

  65. Anita Biers

    Thank you, President Obama, for helping this environment and I want to say thank you as I have recently learned that you have signed more petitions to help the animals than any other President. This planet is all we really have and we must all do our best to save it’s natural resources.

  66. Sue Goodrich

    I am thrilled!! The marine life and waters are where all life sprang from. We have to realize how precious all waters are for continuing health of the planet. Thank you for all the places you have put under protection! I will miss you and your family!

  67. Deb

    Thank You for believing in this refuge. I don’t think you’ve gotten enough “Thanks” for all the good work you have been doing as our President. Thank You for what you do.

  68. Janice Hallman

    Thank you President Obama for preserving vast stretches of our beautiful oceans, which will help to keep our fish and waters safe and wild. They are our treasures and the basis of our survival on the earth.

  69. Tom Caine

    Overpopulation is putting enormous pressure on fisheries world wide. Thank you for protecting the invaluable food resources in the Atlantic Ocean.

  70. Roger & Chris Harrison

    Lordy, will we miss you!
    Your commitment to all areas of not only USA but the planet itself defines the man you are. Living in Hawaii and watching from afar all you have championed for and given us is truly mindboggling knowing the naysayers out there.
    Wishing you and the family the best of everything after you become a regular citizen once again.

  71. Cyrle H. Perry

    Thanks for all of the environmental passages you have done; more than most presidents have done. Let us hope others learn from you.

  72. William B. Peterson

    Thank yo, dear President Obama, for all the great steps you taken to save and protect our National places of Beauty!

    The contribution this vital work will always be held igh above what many large rich corporatins have done to scrify them

    You are a great president!

  73. Jeanne Young

    President Obama, sir, you have warmed and thrilled my 75 year old heart by preserving part of the oceans that birthed us and nurture us to this day. I am so very glad to see this idea made real before I die.
    Resident of NW WA – coastal land

  74. Diane Struble

    I love the oceans not only for their marine life and scenic beauty, but for the bond that seems to exist in our hearts for those gigantic waters. Someday they may be needed as a source of water for human consumption as our current water sources fail to meet the growing need. Thank you.

  75. Maria Celia Hernandez

    Dear Mr.President,
    I want to thank you for listening to the ocean lovers and others who believe life in the land is not the only one and should not be the only one all should care about.There is a Real living Garden under the ocean with living species no one has ever seen less met face to face.
    The species today that we all know deserve to be conserve and work on, To expanding them through the ocean new gardens that are unknown.
    They are so special and unique, it is a shame they have been killed almost to extinction.Just like the Wildlife in the land.Something that this Government should never let happen.
    Instead protect them, care for the beauty and uniqueness of such beauty .God Gave this world so much .Yet it is not appreciated and neither given the protection and care so the new generations have the same blessings this generations of these past decades has. Thank you for your decision for the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Marine Refuge.

    Other parts of the ocean borders deserve to have its own Marine Refuge with the Protection they deserve for the sake of the future of the species that are not been given the attention for conservation and protection. It is also important to protect the lands and the Wildlife of this decade as it should be for other decades.
    You have done more serious important and responsible decisions and actions. You have shown you do care.Please don’t leave other important need actions for nature’s creatures without your supporting action.
    We Truly ,Thank you
    Sir., President Barack Obama

  76. Lisa Scharin

    Awesome!!!! Thank-YOU SOOO much for caring about our planet and the amazing places we have been Blessed with!!!!
    You will be missed in the White House and ALL you have done has made a difference in helping preserve this beautiful country we live in!

  77. Robin Craft

    Thank you for protecting The 4,913 square mile area, 130 miles south east of Cape Cod, from overfishing. Thank you also for Prohibiting trawls and purse seining of Loligo squid, whiting, mackerel, dredges for scallops and shellfish, gill nets and long lining for swordfish, yellow fin and skip jack. We must save our oceans.

  78. Brenda Smith

    Thank you for stepping up to the plate to save our oceans! Saving our oceans, rivers, forests etc. will be the best legacy any president can leave. Thanks again!!!!!!!

  79. Ann Miller

    We need to protect our precious natural places. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. No “Oops, shouldn’t have let that one go.”

  80. Martin Antuna

    Thank you President Obama for protecting Northeast Canyons and Seamounts. There is much more that you can protect before leaving office. Please act accordingly.

  81. Elisabeth Carroll

    Thank you President Obama for taking one more step in helping to protect our amazing planet and providing a sanctuary for marine life.

  82. Aj schneller

    As an ocean researcher, marine advocate, and east coast surfer, im so excited you had the forsight to help protect our amazing Atlantic ecosystem. Keep up the good work of fighting to protect our oceans and public lands, in perpetuity, for future generations of all species.

  83. Jo Anna Hebberger

    Thank you President Obama! We need our wild places and functioning ecosystems for life on this planet, as we know it, to exist. I am an ecologist and am very much aware of the damage we are doing to our planet, We must save every bit of our natural world that we can while there is still time to do so.

  84. Kevin Kriescher

    Keep going! The places awaiting protection from unchecked human waste/development are beyond count; thanks for leaving your mark as an environmentally proactive president.

  85. Connie Bishop

    Thank you for all that you have done to help preserve our environment for future generations in spite of all the obstacles. I hate that you did not have a much better Congress and House to work with during your administration because I think the progress for our country would have been phenomenal.

  86. Carolyn Boor

    Thank you for all that you have done to help preserve our environment for future generations. This is similar to the American Indians’ philosophy of protecting the earth x7 generations.

    1. Rob Moir, Ph.D. Post author

      The Aroostook Band of Micmacs, Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, Mashantucket Pequot, Mashpee Wampanoag, Mohegan, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Narragansett, and Wampanoag (Aquinnah) assisted with the ocean planning thanks to the workings of the Presidents National Ocean Council.

  87. Gigi Middlebrook

    Thank you President Obama for caring about our country’s environment and land. You have done so much for this cause in the past 8 years. You will be sorely missed by the people like me who care.

  88. Ms Amanda Stokell

    We all share one fragile eco-system planet Earth. Thank you for helping to conserve and protect our natural world and wildlife. This is not just for us but for all future generations.

  89. L E Payne

    Thank you for a great 8 years. I will miss you. The healthcare bill saved my life, & finances. I was born in downtown Boston, a little hospital that was just about on the wharf/ocean, literally. I have Boston Harbor flowing through my veins; spent a huge amount of my childhood life on The Cape, which to this day is still my MOST favorite place on Earth. This is so important to my heart; soul, to protect as much of our marine ecosystem as possible. I am also hoping this will help our precious, precious horseshoe crab. Thank you; Michelle; God Bless.

  90. Dorothy Lynn Brooks

    Thank you, Mr. President, for all you have done for our precious planet. Thank you on behalf of the beautiful amazing sea creatures and all the rest of us.


    President Obama,
    I am proud to have you as our country’s leader. You have had a difficult time dealing with the haters and filthy rich and yet have
    continued to rise above the fray , on higher ground, maintaining
    your cool composure and well thought out retorts as only a champion for what is right and fair will do for surely the Gods
    smile upon you.
    Thank you for acting to save the ocean.
    Sincerely, Susan Torbush, Covington, Ga

  92. Leonard Starling

    Thanks for protecting our oceans where they are needed the most. Now let’s do the same for Hudson Canyon. Just 100 miles off the coast of New York City is a magnificent underwater canyon few of us know about. It’s a vast ocean realm so deep you could stack seven Empire State Buildings end-to-end from the ocean’s floor and not reach the surface.

    It’s called Hudson Canyon and it formed during the last ice age — over 10,000 years ago. Today, it’s home to hundreds of species — what scientists call a biodiversity hotspot.

    But without protections, this incredible canyon could face threats from oil, gas, and mineral exploration and extraction. That’s why, President Obama, whales, sea turtles, and 100s of other species that rely on this amazing place need your help.

    1. Rob Moir, Ph.D. Post author

      Hydrographer’s Canyon and Hudson Canyon are no less spectacular canyons than are the ones in the presidents new ocean refuge. Being closer to NYC, Pt Judith and New Bedford they were not included. Fortunately they suffer no dredging and modest amounts of trawling in waters less than 500 meters, the top 5% of canyons that plunge 10,000 feet down. The sperm whales that call those canyon home are okay with that. Logilo squid, whiting, mackerel,swordfish, yellow fin and skip jack are all being sustainably fished in Hudson Canyon.

  93. Patrick Conn

    Thank you, sir, for doing something to delay the inevitable suicide of the human species by its total destruction of its life-sustaining resources (food, air, water)

  94. Richard Parish

    President Obama
    Thank you for saving and preserving and dedicating the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Marine Monument, This is a crucial step in our roles as custodians of this planet and our home Earth. Please continue to consider additional places especially under the sea that can be and should be preserved as you have done here before your term is concluded. This is your legacy that we all will honor as will our grandchildren.

  95. Elizabeth Mooney

    Your actions to protect this place could not come at a better time. Whales, dolphins and seals are making a big comeback in the NYC marine environment. They need safe harbor.

    1. Rob Moir, Ph.D. Post author

      Bravo marine life come back! In good news like this we gain hope and strength to weather the bad news elsewhere. thanks for posting.

  96. Lorinda Roland

    A little late…but no less Huge THANK YOU for all our precious natural environments you have protected.
    PLEASE add more before you leave [sadly] in January 2017.

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